Jump Electric Scooters now in Sacramento

Before You Jump on an Electric Scooter in Sacramento

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Jump Electric Scooters from Uber have hit the streets of Sacramento. Last month, we shared on the topic of Electric Scooter Safety and Liability on our blog.

We at Curtis Legal Group understand the laws and liabilities with riding electric scooters in Sacramento to best assist those involved in an Electric Scooter Accident.

Last week, a company owned by Uber named Jump, dropped off 100 Electric Scooters around Sacramento and West Sacramento areas. Jump already had a presence in Sacramento with their bicycle rentals. A Jump Electric Scooter can be rented through a mobile app for $0.15 per minute or $9.00 per hour currently. The electric scooters are an answer to busy streets that often take a lot of time to travel short distances in a car.

Before you Jump on an Electric Scooter to get around Sacramento, here are a few things you should know.

  1. You must be 18-years-old to ride a Jump Electric Scooter in Sacramento.
  2. Jump requires you to wear a helmet.
  3. You can get a DUI if under the influence of alcohol while riding.
  4. No riding on sidewalks unless you are safely entering or exiting a nearby property.
  5. You must obey all traffic laws.
  6. Electric scooters are only allowed on streets with a speed limit of 25 mph, unless operated in a Class II bike lane or Class IV bikeway.

Jump Electric Scooters are new but it is important you inspect the scooter before riding. A damaged scooter could malfunction while you are riding it causing injury.

To learn more about who is liable in an electric scooter accident in Sacramento, check out our recent blog (LINK to Blog).

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