Case Results

Lathrop Farm Machinery Death Recovery

$3,500,000 Wrongful Death Recovery

Decedent was working for a farm labor company and was crushed to death by the negligent operation of a backhoe driven by an employee of the hiring farm they were working on. Normally, this is considered a worker’s compensation claim only, not a civil claim, and the decedent’s family is limited to under $300,000 in damages. This is known as the “exclusive remedy” principle. In fact, our initial demand to the insurance company for the farm was denied on this basis. However, there is an exception to this principle. In order to be protected, both employers at the time (the hiring farm and the farm labor company) need to provide either workers compensation themselves or an agreement with the other company to provide such insurance. We filed a lawsuit without knowing if they had these documents and sought them out in discovery. We found that while the farm labor company did provide workers compensation coverage, the hiring farm did not have such coverage, nor a written agreement for the labor company to provide it. Despite the fact that the family of decedent did have workers compensation coverage through the farm labor company, and they were receiving benefits, we were still able to carry a civil claim against the hiring farm. Passing that hurdle, and after we produced expert testimony clearly detailing the negligence of the backhoe operator, the case settled against the hiring farm in mediation for $3,500,000.

Stockton Truck Accident Recovery

$2,500,000 Truck Accident Recovery

We represented the widow and adult children of a gentleman who was driving a truck on a rural country road. Another truck, towing a trailer loaded with a piece of farm equipment, approached from the opposite direction. The truck towing the farm equipment veered slightly over the center line and the farm equipment caught the wheel of the first truck, causing it to go out of control and crash, killing our clients’ husband and father. We were able to get involved in the case right away and had a full on scene investigation accomplished, which included an expert in accident reconstruction. Skid marks were still visible and were helpful, along with measurements and photographs at the scene, in demonstrating how the accident occurred. The case went into litigation and ultimately settled for the available insurance policy limits of $2,500,000. We were able to assist in getting a portion of the recovery money invested so that the decedent’s widow was provided with lifetime financial security.

Sacramento Trip and Fall Accident Recovery

~$1,000,000 Premises Liability Recovery

Our client tripped and fell in a city crosswalk causing our client to develop chronic regional pain syndrome. The crosswalk was in disrepair, and Curtis Legal Group contended that the crosswalk was a dangerous condition. As a result of the fall, our client suffered from chronic pain that prevented our client from engaging in normal activities as well as walking for extended periods. Our client required a lifetime of medication to help with the chronic pain. Curtis Legal Group was able to recover almost $1,000,000.00 for this client.

Modesto Bodily Injury Car Accident Recovery

$525,000 Car Accident Recovery

Client was driving an older sedan and legally entered an intersection when a tractor truck ran a red light crashing into our client’s car door. Our client’s sedan caved in and our client had to be extricated from her car by the “jaws of life.” Our client suffered several pelvic fractures as well as a punctured lung. Curtis Legal Group hired an accident reconstruction engineer and a thoracic surgeon. Curtis Legal Group demonstrated the severity of the injuries to the adverse insurance company. Curtis Legal Group was then able to settle the case for $525,000.00.

Modesto Building Ladder Injury Recovery

$800,000 Premises Liability Recovery

Our client fell from a building after the ladder he was using came loose from the wall. The client suffered several fractures as well as back, shoulder and knee injuries. The landowner and tenant’s insurance companies claimed that our client was at fault for his own injuries since the ladder was old and in poor condition. We fought for our client and achieved a premises liability recovery of $800,000.00.

Sacramento Car Accident Recovery

$350,000 Car Accident Recovery

Our client was a front-seat passenger in a motor vehicle that crashed into another car and rolled over. The driver of that vehicle was distracted and crossed the center line causing a head-on collision. As a result, our client suffered significant injuries and was left permanently disabled. The at-fault driver had a small insurance policy covering him for our client’s injuries, and he had no assets. Our client sought our firm’s help. We discovered that the driver was attending a family weekend event and was an employee of his parents’ business. We were able to argue that the family’s business automobile policy covered the at-fault driver since he was driving the motor vehicle for the personal affairs of the family business. We were able to settle the case for approximately $350,000.00. Our efforts also allowed more insurance funds to be available to the driver and passengers in the other car.

Sacramento Car Accident Recovery

$385,000 Car Accident Recovery

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle making a left turn at an intersection. Another vehicle came speeding into the intersection from the opposite direction, running the red light and crashing into our client’s car. Our client suffered neck and back injuries. We were able to help her get much needed medical treatment even though she had no medical insurance. We filed a lawsuit on her behalf and were able to settle her case at a mediation for $385,000.

Modesto Slip and Fall Accident

$300,000 Slip and Fall Recovery

Our client slipped on water leaking from an ice machine as she walked along a common area walkway to a retail store. She suffered a severe foot injury requiring two surgeries. Our client sued the owner of the retail shopping mall since the accident occurred in a common area of the center. She also sued the owner of the ice machine and the retail store associated with the ice machine. The defendants claimed that our client was distracted and failed to notice the water. We claimed that the defendants failed to warn our client, a customer, of the wet conditions. Each side blamed the other and extended the litigation in this matter. We were ultimately able to settle this case for $300,000.00.

Truck Driver Accident Recovery

$200,000 Truck Accident Recovery

Our client, a truck driver, was injured when a drunk driver crossed into his lane of travel resulting in a head-on collision. Our client suffered significant injuries to his shoulder and knee requiring two separate surgeries. Our firm was able to obtain insurance policy limits totaling $200,000.00 from both the operator of the vehicle and the owners.

Car vs Bike Accident Injury Claim

$100,000 Car Accident Recovery

Our client was involved in a hit-and-run accident. He was riding his bicycle in Stanislaus County, California when he was struck by a motorist who entered an intersection without seeing our client. Our client suffered hand and wrist injuries as a result of the collision. We were able to help him settle his personal injury claim for his uninsured motorist limits of $100,000.00.

Modesto Dog Bite Injury Recovery

$165,000 Recovery

Our client, a 15 year old boy, was playing with a family friend’s dog in a rural backyard. Without warning or provocation, a dog owned by the friend’s neighbor ran onto the friend’s property and attacked the boy. The boy suffered numerous bite wounds, including his ear flap being separated from his skull. The boy spent three days in the hospital and, fortunately, a plastic surgeon was able to reattach his ear without any hearing loss. He was left with numerous scars. The case settled for $165,000 for the boy’s hospital bills and pain and suffering.

Sacramento Car Accident Recovery

$250,000 Car Accident Recovery

Our client was turning right into a parking space when the defendant driver attempted to pass him on the right, causing a collision. Our client’s truck sustained only $2,700 worth of damage, but we were able to establish that the impact exacerbated and/or caused a rotator cuff tear, requiring surgeries. We obtained combined policy limits recoveries totaling $250,000.

Modesto Car Accident Recovery

$200,000 Car Accident Recovery

Our client was driving a 2007 Chevy sedan with two family members seated in the sedan. Suddenly, a Jeep truck, traveling in the opposite direction, spun out of control and struck the Chevy sedan head-on. The driver and her occupants suffered severe leg, chest, and facial injuries. All of the sedan occupants hired Curtis Legal Group. Curtis Legal Group investigated the case. The fault was assigned to another vehicle that had rear-ended the Jeep truck. Curtis Legal Group was able to recover the entire policy limits for its clients totaling $200,000.00.

Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Recovery

$100,000 Pedestrian Accident Recovery

Our client, a pedestrian, was crossing a street in the early morning hours after purchasing a coffee. He was struck by a driver who was on his way to work and thrown a great distance. He suffered from a compound tibia/fibula fracture, a broken humerus, a torn rotator cuff, and neck and pelvic fractures. He underwent multiple surgeries and spent three weeks in the hospital. The insurance company denied the client’s claim because the investigating officer found the client 100% at fault for the collision. Curtis Legal Group disagreed with this conclusion and filed a lawsuit on the client’s behalf based on the driver’s inattention. After the client’s deposition was taken, the insurance company reversed its stance and tendered the $100,000 policy limit for this Sacramento Personal Injury Claim.

California Highway Car Accident Insurance Recovery

$100,000 Car Accident Recovery

Client injured her back in a California highway car accident and had no health insurance. Curtis Legal Group was able to help her find medical providers who would treat her without any upfront costs with the promise that the bills would be paid at the conclusion of the case. She was first seen by a chiropractor but was later referred to a spinal specialist due to continuing symptoms. An MRI revealed a chronic 25% compression fracture at the superior endplate of the lower lumbar spine at L1. The client required medical treatment and diagnostic work but had no resources other than her case to provide these. The case was settled for the policy limits of $100,000 and all of the client’s past medical bills for treatment were paid out of the recovery. Curtis Legal Group was even able to negotiate a reduction of her medical liens so that the client could retain a greater amount of the recovery after full satisfaction of her medical expenses.

Sacramento Bike Accident Recovery

$100,000 Bike Accident Recovery

The firm’s client was riding his bicycle home during twilight hours when he was struck by an automobile. The client suffered a severe tibia fracture that required surgical repair with plates and screws. Despite a car accident traffic collision report that blamed the bicyclist for the accident, 100%, the firm obtained a $100,000 policy limit recovery.

Stockton Car Accident Insurance Recovery

$100,000 Car Accident Recovery

Our client suffered several injuries as a result of a motor vehicle crash occurring in San Joaquin County, California. The adverse driver crossed several lanes and then crashed into our client’s car. Our client struck his head in the accident. He suffered soft tissue injuries as well as hearing loss. We were able to investigate these injuries and found that they were more significant than first realized. We were able to settle his case for the opposing driver’s policy limits of $100,000.00.

Sacramento Passenger Motor Vehicle/ Bodily Injury Accident

$100,000 Car Accident Recovery

Our client was a backseat passenger in a vehicle occupied by three other persons. Their vehicle was rear-ended at a high speed of approximately 70 mph by a driver on Interstate 80. They were hit so hard the rear windows to the vehicle were shattered and the impact pushed their vehicle into the vehicle in front of them. Their vehicle was completely totaled and unrecognizable. Our client suffered serious injuries including lacerations, a scapular fracture, a clavicle fracture, three broken ribs, and a pelvic fracture. She spent 3 days in the ICU Unit at UC Davis Medical Center. Attorney Peter Fisher was able to secure a settlement for the policy limits from the other party’s insurance and policy limits from our own client’s under-insured motorist policy totaling $100,000. Cases like this highlight the importance of having adequate under-insured motorist coverage in your own auto insurance policy.