Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accident

Every day Californians take to the roads. While you may have driven our streets thousands of times, every motor vehicle trip has the potential for an accident. Taking care to obey speed limits, signage, and other rules of the road can help minimize the chance of a crash. However, even the most cautious driver can be involved in an accident. Most collisions are not particularly bad and may just involve some damage to a vehicle. Many, though, are severe if not fatal.

Anyone involved in an accident should first and foremost get medical help. If able, you should obtain information from the other drivers and witnesses as well. Pictures and videos of the area where the accident occurred can also be helpful in building a future case.

As soon as you feel ready to discuss your case, we recommend you contact an attorney to discuss your accident. At Curtis Legal Group, we can review what happened and determine if someone else’s negligence caused your motor vehicle accident. We will determine who was ultimately at fault and make sure they are held accountable.  Our goal is not only to help you recover, but also to do our part in keeping the roads safer by making sure those who caused your accident are kept from making the same mistake twice. Our team is experienced at handling all types of motor vehicle accidents and we know the specific state and federal laws that are applicable for each. Depending on the type of vehicle involved in your accident – whether cars, trucks, or motorcycles – will bring up different items to consider. We are experienced in handling cases for all these types of accidents. We will fight for your rights and get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of accident involving a motor vehicle, contact Curtis Legal Group today at 1-800-LAW-3080 to discuss your options and how we can help you and your family recover.  Our goal is to remove the burden of fighting for what you are due so you can focus on getting better

Car Accidents

California is a place where cars are the primary means of transportation for most people. This unfortunately means that car accidents are fairly common in our state.

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Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be more complex and severe than a crash involving just cars, and more difficult to get justice and compensation if you have been injured.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are often hurt in an accident because they do not have the protections a car or other vehicle affords with a structure around the driver and passengers.

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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving occurs when the driver of a vehicle does any type of activity that takes his or her attention away from driving, significantly increasing the chance of causing a motor vehicle crash.

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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are at a higher risk of severe injury and death when involved in a collision. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, call our office today for a free consultation.

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bicycle accident lawyers

Bicycle Accidents

While bicyclists have the right to ride on most roads and streets, there are laws to help keep bicycle riders safe. Unfortunately, even when cyclists follow the law, accidents may still occur.

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