$100,000 California Highway Accident Insurance Recovery


Client injured her back in a California highway car accident and had no health insurance. Curtis Legal Group was able to help her find medical providers who would treat her without any upfront costs with the promise that the bills would be paid at the conclusion of the case. She was first seen by a chiropractor but was later referred to a spinal specialist due to continuing symptoms. An MRI revealed a chronic 25% compression fracture at the superior endplate of the lower lumbar spine at L1. The client required medical treatment and diagnostic work but had no resources other than her case to provide these. The case was settled for the policy limits of $100,000 and all of the client’s past medical bills for treatment were paid out of the recovery. Curtis Legal Group was even able to negotiate a reduction of her medical liens so that the client could retain a greater amount of the recovery after full satisfaction of her medical expenses.

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