Personal Injury Lawyers

How Much Is My Injury Case Worth?

After being injured in an accident, you may be concerned about what is to come in your future as you face mounting medical bills, the loss of a vehicle, property damage, possibly permanent disability, and more. To be able to face these challenges, you will need financial compensation and support. You may be wondering just how much is my personal injury case worth? How much compensation can I get for my pain and suffering? These are questions that the legal team at Curtis Legal Group is frequently asked, often in the first phone call from someone recently injured in an accident. The facts of each case bring unique answers to these questions, and these answers are not something that can be determined without some in-depth analysis. This is why it is essential to involve a reputable and experienced legal team as soon as possible after you have been injured in an accident. We are ready to support and represent your best interests as soon as possible.

There are many types of accidents that can cause serious injuries that will require financial compensation or support to fully recover. You may have been in a serious car accident, injured in an accident at work, slipped and fell on a commercial property, or even been bitten by a neighbor’s dog. Seeking medical attention may be required and treatment can be incredibly expensive. From the cost of an ambulance ride to doctor’s visits, surgeries, hospital stays, medication costs, medical assistance devices, and more, these bills will pile up. You may be out of work for days, weeks, or months at a time. This means not being able to work and thus potentially not getting paid your usual wages and possibly not being able to support your family. These costs – all coming while you may be unable to work – can be incredibly daunting and can increase your stress and anxiety at home – especially if you can’t put food on the table. Rest assured that our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you with your case and ensure you and your family get the compensation you deserve to fully recover from your accident.

What Does The “Worth” Of an Injury Case Mean?

When our legal team discusses what a case is “worth,” we are typically referring to either what an insurance company will pay to settle that case or what a judge or jury would award in a verdict after a trial. Each injury case will require a thorough investigation. That investigation will include how the accident occurred, who is at fault, what injuries were sustained by the victim(s), the medical treatment involved, the cost of that treatment, any long-term disabilities that may have been suffered, and whether there is a wage loss, among other factors. These costs add up to become a significant financial burden. Our legal team uses an extensive list of experts that will help determine and prove exactly what happened during the accident as well as who was at fault for hurting you.

Our legal team will then factor in your pain and suffering. There are some injuries that cannot be seen after an accident but can be just as serious and debilitating as a physical injury. Pain and suffering are often the most important part of analyzing what your case may be worth, and this can include the physical pain and discomfort suffered as well as any mental distress. Post-traumatic stress is incredibly common after being in a serious accident. You may be scared to return to the scene of the accident, taking measures to avoid where the accident occurred, or are even afraid to leave the house. Calculating your pain and suffering, including any mental anguish you are experiencing, is critical to calculating how much your injury case may be worth.

The team at Curtis Legal Group helps clients understand the full value of their injury cases every day and then we work to obtain the maximum possible compensation for each and every client. We have more than 40 years of personal injury experience and are ready to tackle each unique facet of your case. In order to do it right, we take the time to gather all the necessary information to determine an accurate valuation of your total accident cost. Our experience in handling personal injury cases is a big part of our analysis. Our legal team knows that using a generic formula does not account for all expenses involved in your recovery. We will take each expense into account as well as potential future expenses and potential lost income and loss of earning capacity.

We offer a free attorney consultation to those who are involved in and injured in an accident. During that consultation, we can start collecting the necessary information and answer any questions. There is limited time to act after being in a serious accident. State law limits the amount of time you have to take action against those who harmed you. In California, you only have two years from the date of your injury to file a case in court. If you have been injured in an accident, we would be happy to talk to you to discuss your legal options.