most dangerous intersections sacramento

The 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Sacramento

most dangerous intersections sacramento

A number of Sacramento intersections have been found extremely dangerous. In order to help drivers, passengers, and pedestrians stay safer while driving, our car accident lawyers have compiled a list of the top 10 most dangerous Sacramento intersections.

1. Folsom Boulevard and Howe Avenue

Roughly 77,000 vehicles pass this Sacramento intersection every day and that has led this corner to be home to approximately 30 collisions per year. The traffic volume is partly responsible for the high incidence of car crashes.

2. 12th Street and B Street

A relatively recent construction improvement project was designed to improve lighting, remove barriers, and upgrade the road, starting at this corner. These improvements are hoped to help make this intersection safer.

3. Elder Creek Road and Stockton Boulevard

With eight crashes per year, Stockton Boulevard could use a comprehensive infrastructure upgrade. It used to be Highway 99 and remains laid out like an old state highway. This intersection has many car accidents and even road rage incidents involving gunfire.

4. Franklin Boulevard and Mack Road

There have been multiple collisions at this intersection, including a fiery multiple-vehicle accident – or pileup. This southern Sacramento intersection had a total of 20 crashes, which resulted in 19 minor injuries, eight visible injuries, and one serious injury. This intersection resulted in the most visible injuries caused by car accidents.

5. Mack Road and Valley Hi Drive

With a total of 16 lanes intersecting, many auto accidents are bound to and do occur here. Two such car accidents proved fatal; one as a driver struck and killed a hit and run victim, and another where a pedestrian was hit by a car that occurred in broad daylight and also resulted in a fatality.

6. Auburn Boulevard and Route 244

This intersection has had the most car accident fatalities and ranks fourteenth on the danger index with 16 total car crashes.

7. Los Robles Boulevard and Marysville Boulevard

The intersection of Los Robles Boulevard and Marysville Boulevard is ranked 47th on the list of all dangerous intersections in the entire state of California and the second most dangerous intersection in Sacramento. Studies have shown at least 50 crash-related injuries and one death at this intersection.

8. Fruitridge Road and 28th Street

At least once per day, a driver runs a red light at this intersection, making it one of the most dangerous intersections in Sacramento. Common causes include running red lights, distracted driving, and hit-and-run accidents.

9. Jessie Avenue and Norwood Avenue

In just one year, 22 crash-related injuries occurred at this intersection. Since this intersection is located near a freeway entrance, drivers quickly switching lanes to get on the highway can cause collisions.

10. Arena Boulevard and Truxel Road

This large, 41-lane Sacramento intersection has the highest danger Index or total rating based on the number of crashes, the severity of injuries, and the number of fatalities at that intersection. High traffic from nearby events and airport traffic help make this intersection more prone to car wrecks. Many involved in local accidents say the problem is drivers making unexpected U-turns.

Why Are Sacramento Intersections So Dangerous?

Sacramento has been ranked as the second most dangerous California city for traffic accidents behind Los Angeles. In addition, the California Highway Patrol found that Sacramento has the second-largest number of dangerous intersections in the state. In fact, from 2013-2017, Sacramento had over 26,000 car crashes; and, of those, 5,517 happened at intersections. While intersection-related auto accidents account for over 20 percent of all Sacramento car accidents, they result in 33 percent of motor vehicle accident injuries and 30 percent of severe injuries.

Sacramento like all cities, has dangerous intersections because intersections are more dangerous than other parts of a street, highway, freeway, or road because of crossing traffic lanes, turning vehicles, and the need for speed adjustments or stops at lights.

Street intersections pose a variety of hazards to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Some may be poorly designed, lacking crosswalks, stop signs, stop lights, and/or proper lighting; but often, reckless and negligent drivers contribute to and/or increase the risk of a motor vehicle accident. Driver negligence includes but is not limited to speeding, failure to yield the right of way, and running a red light or stop sign, among others. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) found that over the past several years, half of all car accident injuries and one-quarter of all traffic fatalities occurred at intersections.

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