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Now that March Madness is over, the Sacramento River Cats, the Stockton Ports, and the Modesto Nuts have taken to the baseball diamond.  Popcorn, hot dogs, and peanuts will fill the baseball stands, and the sound of the organist and fans singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” will fill the ballpark speaker system.  The attorneys and staff of Curtis Legal Group, the Heavy Hitters, love baseball, and they too will be taking in some ball games.

Unfortunately, foul balls and even loose bats are natural and inherent risks of baseball.  As a result, teams and stadium owners deliver you a baseball ticket that generally has language noting that you may get struck by a ball or bat thereby placing you, the fan, on notice of the risk of such injury.  This language is typically on the reverse side of the ticket.  You may want to review that notice.

Baseball stadium owners and teams may have a duty to minimize the risk of injuries, but they cannot change how the game is played unless all teams so agree. Some major league ballparks have taken extensive measures to extend batting screens to protect the occasional errant ball, but the risk of injury is always there.  As such, as a fan, you assume the risk of being injured by a foul ball or loose bat.  You may even be injured by a player that lunges into the stands in order to catch a foul ball.

I was once at a San Francisco Giants game, and I watched a foul ball strike a fan just as she was about to sip her beer.  Luckily, she wasn’t injured, but she lost half of her beer as it spilled over her shirt and pants.  Well, as luck may have it, a few moments later, another foul ball struck the same fan in the same place causing her to lose all of her beer.  She wasn’t injured, but it is a lesson that lightening can strike twice.

In any case, always be aware of your surroundings and don’t take your eye off the ball. Go Modesto Nuts, Stockton Ports, and Sacramento River Cats!

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