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Car Accident Injury Attorney

We all know that driving a car is serious business. No matter how careful we are, if the “other guy” is not equally careful, accidents will happen.

In Sacramento County alone, there were 10,790 fatal and injury-producing motor vehicle accidents in 2010, the last year such statistics are available from the California Office of Traffic Safety. Of these, 380 involved motorcycles.

At Curtis Legal Group, we help people injured in motor vehicle accidents. Because we’ve handled thousands of these cases in Northern California, we understand how a car crash can disrupt your life, not only causing injuries, but also causing you to miss time from work, and run up big medical bills.

We know from experience how difficult it is for you to deal with all these things, particularly when you are also trying to recover from your injuries. We can help you. We can help you get medical attention if you don’t have a doctor. If you do have a doctor but are having trouble paying your medical bills, we can work with the billing department and reduce harassing phone calls and letters. We will work with your own insurance company to make sure you collect all the benefits your insurance policy gives you.

Unfortunately, if you have a been injured in an accident, the insurance company covering the driver that hit you is not your friend. They won’t help you deal with all the problems that come from being injured and they won’t offer you fair compensation for your pain, suffering, lost income and medical bills.

We will deal with that insurance company and help you get the compensation you deserve. We will take this burden off your shoulders. We know from experience how to negotiate with insurance companies and get you the best settlement possible. If the big insurance company won’t give you what you deserve, then we also have the experience to take them to court.

Sometimes going to court involves us hiring experts to prove how the accident was caused by the other driver or experts to show how your injuries were caused by the accident and what future treatment you will need. We pay the cost of those experts and only get reimbursed for these costs when we settle your case. You pay no up front costs.

David was a recent client of ours who came to us after being rear-ended while driving his small truck. His foot was hurting him and he was having trouble getting medical treatment. The insurance company didn’t believe he was injured.

At Curtis Legal Group, we got David treatment from a specialist who diagnosed a torn tendon that needed surgery. We also hired a mechanical engineer who calculated the forces involved in the impact and how those forces could cause injury. Armed with this information, we were able to get a significant settlement for David. He was able to afford the much needed surgery on his foot and get back to his normal activities.

We handled David’s case in Sacramento, but we also practice in Stockton, Modesto, and throughout Northern California, including the Bay Area.

An auto accident can cause big problems. At Curtis Legal Group, we will help you get through them and get the compensation you deserve. Let us know if we can help you.

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