Nursing Home Injury Attorney

Nursing Home Injury

Families entrust nursing homes and assisted living facilities (ALFs) to care for their loved ones.  Unfortunately, some nursing homes violate this trust by neglecting or abusing their elderly residents. Curtis Legal Group believes that nursing home residents have the right to be treated with respect at all times.  Our Modesto nursing home lawyers represent people who have been harmed by nursing home neglect or misconduct.

Nursing homes can endanger the lives of their residents by hiring uncredentialed nurses or by inadequately training their staff. The Northern California nursing home neglect attorneys at Curtis Legal Group will fight against nursing home corporations who place their business interests above the well-being of their elderly residents by understaffing their facilities, not conducting a thorough background check of their personnel, or failing to follow standard medical and nursing care procedures. If a nursing home cares for your loved one, you should be aware of the following warning signs of nursing home abuse:

  • The nursing home staff cannot explain the cause of your loved one’s bruises, injuries or other conditions;
  • Residents wander off the premises;
  • The nursing home suddenly changes your loved one’s medication; and
  • The nursing home caregivers refuse to allow you to visit your loved one alone.

We Will Speak for the Elderly

Our Modesto nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers hold nursing homes accountable when their negligent resident care harms our clients. We can help victims and their families obtain fair compensation in all types of nursing home abuse cases, including those involving

  • Unjustified falls or injuries,
  • Physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse,
  • Bed sores and ulcers,
  • Failure to provide medication or medical care when required,
  • Medical malpractice,
  • Malnutrition and dehydration,
  • Severe weight gain or weight loss,
  • Prescription drug errors,
  • Bruising that suggests unreasonable restraint,
  • Wrongful death.

We Will Not Recover Unless You Do

The Modesto Elder Abuse attorneys at Curtis Legal Group will aggressively pursue every avenue to ensure you are properly compensated for you or your loved one’s costs, pain and suffering as soon as possible. Our representation costs nothing unless you are compensated for your damages.

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