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Truck Accident Injury

A few years ago, a young man walked into our office. He was concerned and in distress. He had been seriously injured and suffered a brain injury as well as broken bones. His life had been dramatically changed. He had to fight through moments of forgetfulness and lack of concentration. What had happened to this young man?

A large truck had merged into his lane while he drove his car on a Modesto freeway during the morning commute. The force of impact caused his car to spin off the freeway and strike a pole. He suffered major head trauma and was quickly transported to a local hospital’s emergency department. He spent months recuperating from the accident, and he could not remember the accident.

At the accident scene, the truck driver told the California Highway Patrol that the young man was at fault for the accident. The officer agreed with the truck driver. Witnesses, who had been occupants of other cars, could not tell officers who was at fault for the accident. Since our client had been rushed to the hospital after the crash, our client could not speak to the investigating patrol officers. The only witness of the accident was the truck driver. Therefore, the truck driver’s story was the only reliable story.

Our client wanted to know the true facts. He had been a careful driver and did not know how he could have possibly merged his vehicle intro a large, tractor-trailer rig. How could he have not seen such a large object next to him? Yet, he could not remember how his vehicle and the big rig collided. He asked our firm to seek justice for him.

Many law firms would have informed the young man that he did not have a good case. Many attorneys would have told him that the patrol officer’s traffic collision report was against him and that there was nothing an attorney could do to help him. Our firm’s attorneys welcomed the challenge. Our attorneys said that they could help this young man and so they did.

The attorneys of Curtis Legal Group understood that an investigation would have to be first undertaken to fight the traffic collision report. Our firm hired experts in accident reconstruction as well as commercial trucking. Our firm investigated every aspect of the truck driver’s trip, which covered thousands of miles and days of operations. It was important to our client’s case to find out if the truck driver followed all the laws and rules regulating his operation of the truck.

Did you know that truck drivers are regulated by both state and federal law? Their tractors and trailers must be regularly maintained to keep the public safe. They must prove repairs at patrol stations all over the United States. Truck drivers must also record the number of hours driven so that they do not drive too many hours in one trip. They also must get enough breaks while on a trip. Trucking companies are regularly cited for such violations. These regulations have a good purpose; to protect you, the public.

After all, in 2011, the California Highway Patrol reported 245 deaths and 5,155 injuries associated with truck accidents. In fact, large trucks were and are more likely to be involved in multiple vehicle collisions than passenger cars. In 2008, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration determined that 71 percent of those injured in trucking accidents were injured while riding in passenger vehicles. Also, when a car and a truck are involved in an accident resulting in a death, 74% of the deaths occur to occupants in passenger cars. Therefore, the drivers and passengers in passenger cars are at a higher risk of injury than those drivers of large trucks.

Our firm’s investigation revealed that the trucking company and its driver could not be trusted. As a result, his statement to the investigating patrol officer could not be trusted. Various facts about the driver’s trip did not make sense given the paperwork that tracked the driver. As a result of our firm’s investigation, our attorneys knew that they had a chance to prove fault against the truck driver. The attorneys of Curtis Legal Group filed a lawsuit showing that the truck driver was negligent and merged into the client’s lane.

As a result of our firm’s intense investigation, our attorneys were able to obtain compensatory damages for our client. The young man was compensated for his medical expenses and pain and suffering. His case was not easy. The facts were against him, but our attorneys did not fail him.

Our attorneys are committed to representing injured victims of truck accidents, like the young man above, throughout Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley and all of Northern California.

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