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ATV Accident (Off Road Vehicles) Injury

Off-Road Vehicles are an exciting weekend activity. Exploring Prairie City OHV park outside Rancho Cordova is a pastime enjoyed by many in the Sacramento area. Though safety equipment has come a long way over the years, there are still many risks associated with riding off-road trails.

Unfortunately, there are many who own off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes, quads, go-karts, Polaris Rzr, and many others who are not responsible riders which puts others at risk. A study on stated that it is common for those in their mid-twenties and younger to be involved in accidents involving off-road vehicles due to how easy it is to flip over. 60% of the accidents from off-road vehicles that lead to injury come from flip over accidents. These accidents left scars, disability, and even death in some cases.

An injury from an off-road vehicle accident is almost never minor. Sometimes the accident is self-caused, but often there is a second party involved. Off-road parts are often treated as race tracks where multiple operators are driving at excessive speeds in different directions. It is very important for operators of off-road vehicles to use caution and to be aware of their environment at all times.

At Curtis Legal Group’s Sacramento office our lawyers have handled Off-Road Accident Injury Cases for over 30-years. We understand how to evaluate these cases for settlement purposes and how to prevent going to trial when necessary. We are familiar with off-road vehicle accident experts and mechanical engineering experts that can reconstruct how an accident happened. We have considerable experience with medical issues and the effects that severe injuries can have on a person’s ability to work and their quality of life.


Your first priority, of course, is to get the appropriate medical attention. However, as soon as you are able, it is important to consult an attorney experienced in handling off-road vehicle accident cases. Often, helpful information can be obtained from an early investigation, including visiting the scene and taking measurements and photographs, inspecting the off-road vehicles involved and talking to witnesses.

It is important not to give any statements to insurance investigators until you have talked to an attorney. Frequently, you will be contacted by someone from the insurance company insuring the off-road vehicle that hit you, if they have insurance. The purpose of that contact is to try to develop evidence that will help them defeat any claim for damages that you might later make.

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If you feel that a loved one or a family member has died as a result of another party’s neglect or misconduct, contact the personal injury attorneys at Curtis Legal Group immediately. Our trial attorneys possess the dedication and experience to handle your case professionally and preserve your legal rights. We only earn a fee if we recover money for you.

We will aggressively pursue every avenue to ensure you are properly compensated for your loss.

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