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A car accident happens in an instant and depending on the severity of the accident, your life may never be the same. Most people think that the purpose of car insurance is to cover repair costs for there car should their car get damaged. Car insurance is so much more than that. Not only should it cover the cost of vehicle repairs but also cover damages you incur personally such as injury, loss of work, or loss of certain abilities.

Injuries and fatalities from car accidents are on a steady rise over the last 10 years. It is important to protect yourself by making sure you do what is necessary after being involved in a car accident. You may not have ever imagined having to sue somebody, but you may find that a lawsuit is the only way to recover at least financially after your life was upset in a car accident that should never have happened.

Check out our 10 Things To Do If Involved In A Car Accident list from our blog.

Curtis Legal Group is here for those situations. Every case is unique which is why we give each case unique attention. If you are considering hiring a car accident lawyer, we will fight for your full recovery.

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Car Accident Injury Case Timeline

From Injury to Settlement

1. Report

Police Report and Information Gathering.

2. Medical Treatment

Get the medical treatment you need.

3. Contact Insurance

Report the incident to your insurance company.

4. Personal Injury Lawyer

Choose a lawyer who will review your case, medical records, and reports.

5. File

Lawyer makes demand/files lawsuit.

6. Settle


7. Trial

We will try by all means possible to avoid trial, but sometimes a trial is required to reach the settlement your case deserves.

Sacramento Car Accident Statistics

Car Accident Data

  • 12,851 Injury Accidents/yr.
  • 1,311 Involving Alcohol
  • 3,309 Speeding Related
  • 724 Pedestrians Injured
  • 935 Hit and Run
Per Day Data
  • 35 Injury Accidents Daily
  • 3.5 Involving Alcohol
  • 9 People Injured Daily
  • 2.5 Daily Hit and Run
Distracted Driver Stats
  • 7% Drivers Talking on Phone
  • 10% Drivers Using Phone
  • 1 in 4 Car Crashes Caused by Distracted Driving
  • #1 Cause of Teen Driver Death is Distracted Driving


Recent Testimonials

Mirna from Rancho Cordova
My car accident was a serious one. I thought we could handle it without attorneys, but the medical bills started coming and even though we had medical coverage, they still wanted to be reimbursed once they found out we were in a car accident. Since I had never been in a serious car accident, panic, stress and lost work time were a concern. Someone suggested calling Curtis Legal Group and an attorney came to my house. He made us feel comfortable and I felt the weight on my shoulders slip off. They did a great job of finding out all the facts and putting the pieces together. I was able to retire and not think about having to work, to make up the time lost. Thank you!

Jeffrey from Sacramento

Everyone did a great job! All aspects of the case were explained in layman’s terms. The entire process went smoothly. Curtis Legal Group is a very professional group of people. They always made us (my wife and me) feel at ease. It was a pleasure to have them represent us.
Gabriela from Folsom
I don't have the words to express my gratitude for this law firm. They helped my family and I after a terrible accident, and the insurance was trying to bully me. I never had to be contacted by insurance again after hiring them. My attorney and paralegal are amazing people. Thank you guys again for all of your help. Blessings!

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