hydrate to stay safe

Stay Hydrated to Stay Safe

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Could a thirsty driver be dangerous?

It’s a hot summer day in Sacramento. The sun is beating down, a hot breeze is blowing. You’re out in the yard, mowing the lawn and pruning some bushes. You’re perspiring. You’ve been at it for quite a while and haven’t stopped for a drink of water.

You decide it’s time to quit when you start feeling a little light-headed. Surely that will clear up once you go indoors, right?

You then remember you need to run across town to pick up some things for a family get together that evening. You jump in the car; you’ll get that bottle of water when you get back.

As you drive, that dizzy sensation doesn’t go away. In fact, it starts getting worse but you press on. Suddenly, blackness closes in and you lose consciousness. Your car veers into the oncoming lane and crashes into another vehicle. There are multiple injuries, including to yourself.

Does this sound like it could happen? It absolutely could happen and, in fact, has happened in cases Curtis Legal Group has handled.

Dehydration can easily occur in the summer heat we experience in Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto and dehydration can lead to fainting. A decrease in bodily fluids can result in a drop in blood pressure, which can cause a momentary loss of consciousness. If you are driving a car when that happens, an accident is likely to occur. If you are unlucky enough to be in heavy traffic or on the freeway when that happens, serious injuries can result.

If you are hit by someone who loses consciousness because of dehydration, are they responsible for the damages you suffer? Most people that live in the central valley know that we have to keep hydrated, especially in the summer months. Also, as in the example above, there may be some advance warning signs that something is not right, such as a feeling of light-headedness. If a person knows they haven’t been drinking water and they feel a bit dizzy while driving, they should pull over and get some fluids into their body. If they fail to do that and, instead, press on as in the example, they likely will be responsible for the damage they cause as a result.

Stay hydrated and stay safe!

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