Hit and Run Car Accident Uninsured Motorist

Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage pay for Hit and Run Car Accidents?

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Every now and again, I receive calls from clients who were driving along a freeway, such as Interstate 5 in Stockton, California when another vehicle suddenly veers into their lane, not striking their vehicle, but causing them to turn their car into the median barrier or even worse, into the opposite lane of travel. They suffer bodily injuries and car …

Sacramento Motorcycle Lane Splitting

What Sacramento Drivers Need to Know About Lane-Splitting Motorcycles

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Do you drive on State Route 99 and Mack Road in Sacramento? If so, you may have noticed that more and more motorcyclists are hitting the road. Their leather wardrobe, helmets, and engine sounds are a clear warning that summer is around the corner. You may have also noticed that some motorcyclists steer their motorcycles in between lanes in order …

Car Accident Concussion

Concussions Caused By Car Accidents

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Concussions have gotten a lot of press recently because of the publicity surrounding concussions suffered by players in the National Football League. It has been shown that the forces involved with blocking and tackling on the football field can cause players to have numerous concussions during the course of their careers. What about car accidents? Can they also cause concussions? …

Police Report Auto Accident

Auto Accident Police Reports Are Not The Final Say In Your Case

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So you were a driver in a motor vehicle accident, and you suffered significant injuries. The California Highway Patrol or a local law enforcement agency arrives at the accident scene. There is chaos at the scene. EMTs have placed you on a gurney and are treating your injuries. From your gurney, you can hear the other driver telling the law …

are broken windshields illegal in California?

California’s Windshield Law Protects Motorists & Pedestrians

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After several years of drought affecting California, California is finally getting some rain; to put it mildly. In fact, the State seems like it is getting rain almost every other day. Unfortunately, the recent rains have allowed us to discover that we have neglected some basic maintenance and repair items. Some of our homes have muddied gutters, leaky rooves and …

What Happens If My Uber or Lyft Driver Gets In A Car Accident

What Happens If My Uber or Lyft Driver Gets In A Car Accident

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Did you ever wonder whether the driver or owner of a motor vehicle, operating for Uber or Lyft, has sufficient automobile liability insurance to cover you should you suffer injury or damages as a result of their fault? Uber and Lyft, as well as other like companies, are considered by California law to be transportation network companies (transportation companies that …

happy new year

2017 New Year’s Resolution: Knowledge Is Power

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At Curtis Legal Group, we spent the 2016 holiday season reflecting on the past year and reviewing new approaches and new ideas to help our clients get fair and just compensation for their personal injuries. We know that the insurance companies are doing just the opposite.  The insurance companies are in the laboratories investigating new methods of minimizing your injury …

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Personal Injury Attorney

Is Uninsured Motorist Insurance Important?

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Uninsured Motorist Insurance for your auto insurance policy was created for one reason: To protect you. This is an important issue. The Insurance Research Council (IRC) estimates that 15% of motorists in California are uninsured. My own experience as a personal injury attorney tells me this is probably true. This may be the result of people trying to cut expenses …