Dehydration Car Accident

Driving While Dehydrated – Dehydration Related Car Accident

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This Fourth of July weekend marks the first summer holiday weekend when drivers will be hitting the highways and facing congested traffic and long periods behind a wheel.  For those people traveling in California’s Central Valley, a summer holiday weekend usually also includes summer temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit plus and a relentless sun beating down on them as they …

How Much Can an Injury Case Be Worth?

How Much Can an Injury Case Be Worth?

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This is a question we frequently get, often in the first phone call from someone recently injured in an accident. There is an answer to this question, but it’s not something that can be determined without some analysis. When we talk about what a Sacramento car accident injury case is “worth” we are either talking about what an insurance company …

Hit and run accident lawyer

Watch Out For Those Street Monsters On Halloween

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Halloween is a great time of year in the Central Valley, whether in Sacramento, Stockton or Modesto. Friends gather and celebrate the holiday with costume parties. Fully-costumed kids run up to neighborhood homes whether in Sacramento’s Arden Arcade district, Stockton’s Weston Ranch area or Modesto’s Village One neighborhood. They knock on doors while calling out “trick or treat” and receive …

Texting While Driving in California

Why Is It Illegal To Text and Drive?

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We’ve all heard the warning that texting and driving can be dangerous and leads to car accidents, but why has the California legislature made it illegal. Why is that so? In this busy world we live in, many of us feel the need to multitask in order to just keep up. Why not use that free time we have while …

Emotional Stress Personal Injury

Severe Emotional Stress is a Personal Injury

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Recently, one of our young clients was involved in a serious rollover car accident. He was a front-seat passenger in his friend’s motor vehicle when it struck a median barrier near Mack Road in Sacramento. Our client was transported by ambulance to a local hospital where he underwent an extensive physical examination. Luckily, he was wearing his seatbelt, and he …

Car vs Bike Accident Injury Claim

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Our client was involved in a hit-and-run accident. He was riding his bicycle in Stanislaus County, California when he was struck by a motorist who entered an intersection without seeing our client. Our client suffered hand and wrist injuries as a result of the collision. We were able to help him settle his personal injury claim for his uninsured motorist …