Vaping Related Injury or Death

Can I Sue for Vaping Related Injuries?

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Vaping devices have become the millennials’ old-time cigarette. Vaping devices are essentially electronic cigarettes that have replaced the paper roll-up cigarette.  Yes, even kids in Sacramento’s middle schools and high schools have turned to vaping.  One can now vape nicotine or marijuana along with a host of tobacco products.  It is the tech age, an age of creativity and the …

Highway Guardrail

Injury Caused by Collision with Highway Guardrail

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Who is responsible for injuries to a driver and his or her passengers when that driver crashes his or her vehicle into a freeway guardrail?  One might assume that the driver is responsible since he or she may have negligently driven his or her car into the guardrail or the driver of another motor vehicle that forced the injured driver’s …

An Absentee Parent Can Recover Under California's Wrongful Death Law

An Absentee Parent Can Recover Under California’s Wrongful Death Law

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You are the mother of a 35-year-old daughter. She recently died of fatal injuries arising from a Sacramento car accident along Stockton Boulevard. You have been divorced for 10 years, and your ex-spouse hasn’t seen or talked to your daughter since the divorce. You want to know if you can recover monetary compensation for the loss of your daughter, and …