types of personal injury cases

10 Types of Personal Injury Cases That Can Be Filed in California

types of personal injury cases

Different types of personal injury cases can be filed in the State of California. The following are 10 some of the most common personal injury cases in California:

  1. Wrongful death cases
  2. Dog bite cases
  3. Bicycle accident cases
  4. Slip and fall accident cases
  5. Traumatic brain injury cases
  6. Motorcycle accident cases
  7. Truck accident cases
  8. Car accident cases
  9. Product liability cases
  10. Medical malpractice cases

Car Accident Cases

Car accidents are unfortunately common in California. The majority of Northern California car accidents occur in San Francisco and Sacramento. Large urban centers like these are home to busy freeways and congested roads.

A car wreck is often caused by a driver who engages in negligent conduct. Examples of negligent behavior include distracted driving, speeding, and failure to yield the right-of-way. Many people are unaware of California’s right of way rules and often cause auto accidents that lead to serious bodily injury or even wrongful death.

Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrians often suffer serious bodily injury or death during auto pedestrian accidents. Often, an automobile strikes a pedestrian at an intersection or on a portion of the road that is not well-lit.

Other Motor Vehicle Accident Cases in California

Motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and bicycle accidents are all types of California motor vehicle accidents. These cases often are more complicated than car accident cases because multiple defendants may face liability. For example, a truck driver, a trucking company, and a truck manufacturer may all be liable in a single truck accident case.

Slip and Fall Accident Cases

Owners and occupiers of land have specific legal duties to those who enter their premises to warn them about dangerous conditions and to repair dangerous conditions. Slip and fall accidents often occur on faulty stairwells, broken sidewalks, and wet floors. The individual who suffers personal injuries may seek monetary compensation from the property owner and / or any other responsible parties.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical negligence is a serious matter, and it affects people throughout California. General practitioners and medical specialists are held to different standards of care, but patients can seek financial compensation if a doctor or other healthcare professional was negligent and caused the them to suffer harm.

Workplace Accidents

Accidents occur every day in the workplace. You may be able to file a personal injury claim against the parties responsible for your on-the job injuries, including a negligent third party. You do not have to be afraid to assert your legal rights after suffering an injury at your place of employment. An experienced California work injury lawyer can identify the responsible parties and help you take legal action to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Product Liability Cases

Consumers expect the products they buy to be safe and reliable. Product liability cases involve manufacturing defects and / or design defects that cause individuals to suffer serious bodily injury or death as the result of using a product. A manufacturer may not have provided an adequate warning for a product, and this failure to warn can lead to liability. Every party in the chain of distribution can potentially be held liable in a product liability case.

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