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Premises Liability Injury

Premises liability laws hold those that own, lease, occupy or control real property accountable for injuries that occur on their property. If they negligently used or maintained the property, failed to warn others of dangers existing on their property, or failed to repair dangerous conditions associated with their property they can be found in violation of premises liability laws. Typical cases include when a dog bites a visitor, when a person trips and falls on a cracked sidewalk, or when a third party attacks a customer in an inadequately lit parking lot of a commercial property. They also may occur when a customer slips and falls in a store aisle or is struck by a falling display.

Most property owners, such as Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto retail shopping centers, stores and apartment complexes, aggressively fight premises liability actions. These property owners will defend themselves by claiming that (1) you failed to watch where you were walking; (2) the defect in the sidewalk was so minor or trivial that it did not need to be repaired; (3) debris, water or liquid left on the floor was either not noticed or could not be cleaned in a reasonable time before you slipped or tripped.

In California, merely owning or occupying land does not make a person liable for all injuries sustained on the property. Instead, the landowner must have failed to use reasonable care to discover any unsafe conditions, and repair, replace or warn others of any such unsafe conditions. As experienced premises liability lawyers, we at Curtis Legal Group fully investigate our clients’ premises liability claims by identifying all parties that may be liable for our clients’ injuries. We determine whether others have complained about the unsafe conditions and whether the landowners have exercised reasonable care in addressing these conditions.

Curtis Legal Group’s attorneys will investigate the facts associated with any dangerous condition and aggressively pursue your rights so that you recover for your injuries and damages.

Our attorneys will ask the hard questions:

  1. Why didn’t the store install a safe flooring system that doesn’t allow customers to slip when the floor is mildly wet?
  2. Why didn’t the apartment complex invest in a better security system to deter crimes on their premises?
  3. Why couldn’t the store have simply placed a warning cone near the spill so that a customer could have avoided slipping?
  4. Why couldn’t the property owners have fixed the sidewalk?
  5. Why did the property owners violate the California Building Code when installing steps?
  6. Why didn’t the landlord install a smoke detector system?

The attorneys of Curtis Legal Group have handled a wide variety of premises liability cases. We have successfully recovered money damages for injury victims of house fires, sidewalk cracks, slippery flooring, and many other related cases.

We Don’t Recover Unless You Do

If you have been injured while on another person’s property, you should immediately seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney. Our experienced premises liability attorneys have handled cases for a variety of clients who have suffered injuries on other people’s property.

If our investigation determines that another party caused your injuries, we will fight to maximize the recovery for you and your family.

Our representation costs nothing unless you are paid for your injuries.

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